Co-curricular Activities

Although schools provide a handful of co-curricular activities, it does not help in fostering the needs and whims of each child. Every child needs specific attention in their own field of interest.

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Good source

This can only be achieved when the child is provided with a good source from which he/she can learn and become a master of the talent or ability they possess.

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Encouraging the child to express their talents motivates the child to perform their best and henceforth establish themselves in front of people.

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We can help

We believe co-curricular activities should be given equal importance to that of the curriculum. The talents and abilities of the children have to be nurtured so that the child develops self-confidence and courage to face the people around. Reluctant children should be motivated to identify their special gifts and cultivate themselves. Further, our aim is to promote every child in the paths they wish to follow by means of Art and Music. These two parameters ultimately help to improve the capability of the child and fetches commendable rewards.

We offer such a platform where children, as well as parents, are provided an opportunity to learn from experts in the field of Arts and Music. Professional trainers are appointed for the classes and each child is given full attention based on their talents. Lessons in Music, Drama, Public speaking, Children's chorus, and Opera are started from an early age. Care-takers must be present when the classes are for toddlers.

We also perform for the sake of entertainment at functions and parties to make the celebration memorable and a fun-filled experience. Children and adults participate in many cultural activities and gain rewards in their field of excellence. We believe in education with integrity by means of art. It not only makes the person identify the talent but also develops themselves based on their abilities.

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